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Discover a new mindset that will make it easy to get into and succeed with your New Years fitness resolutions. Easily look and feel your best, now and throughout the year by understanding a few key insights that will make any program work for you this time. Minor adjustments can create major results!

What if you could recover your youthful vigor in your 40s? 50s? 60s? 70s?

What if you could have your best body, the best sex, and the most fun in your life after 60?

What if you could slow down, stop, or even reverse what appear to be your natural signs of aging?

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Do you have low energy, low libido, lack of enthusiasm? Do you envy younger men for their vitality and spirit? Let them envy you! Show them first-hand that the best is yet to come!

The BEST IS NOW project is dedicated to share information and insights to help men over 40 regain their vitality so they can live fuller, more satisfying lives!

If you are showing the signs of aging and your doctors simply tell you to grin and bear it, that this is the normal part of aging from here on out, take heart! New science, as well as ancient wisdom tells us they are wrong.

Your biological clock and your apparent age are not the same thing.

The average human lifespan in the modern world has gone from 72 to 78 in my lifetime. Biologically, the human body is designed to thrive well into its 80s and beyond! When the time has come, your physical self is designed to take a quick nose dive out of here, rather than drag on in suffering for decades only half alive, riddled with debilitating conditions that, for the most part, can be avoided.

Anton at age 59

DO NOT take your apparent signs of aging as a signal that you are taking the nose dive!
They are your body’s alert system that is screaming for you to change a few of your interfering habits so your body can get on with being the incredibly efficient and powerful system that it is!

ANY BODY, fat or thin, young or old, with or without disease or all your limbs, is a miraculous organism of integrated systems designed to work well if given half a chance!

I welcome you to this website and I invite you to subscribe to the insights and information that will show you how a few minor adjustments to your habits could have a major impact on the rest of your wonderful life!

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