Inner Light

I remembered a few people in my life who pretended they were “the good guy” but who were actually arrogant, oppressive assholes and I kowtowed to their aggression.

It reminded me, nobody does you any favors but you yourself. No body takes power from you but you yourself. You don’t earn your smiles. You make them. First.

I was reminded how the world around you is not what determines who you are and if you are having a good day. It is you who decides to smile and see the beauty and opportunity in every day, despite your circumstances.

There is so much beauty in life and heroes from Nazi Germany to Rowanda have emerged to prove that you can do more than just survive. I have met some of them in my life, in person. The power of their conviction and inner strength, their ability to see the sunshine above the clouds, to claim their peace and purpose is infectious, instructive and inspiring.

The challenges they faced were real and nothing to look past or make light of. It demonstrated that there is an inner light and strength that is available to all of us to change how we feel about our place and power in the world.

Despite the life and death we enjoy and suffer through, despite the many artificial challenges we create and whine about, we have a choice in how we see and navigate our circumstances.

Love yourself and your life.
It really is your choice.


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