Be Like Water


My meditation today was centered around a concept that was recently brought to my attention during a Qigong training:


Be Like Water

  • Powerful
  • Fluid
  • Unrelenting

Water has huge inherent strength and potential

  • It easily moves around rocks or mountains that stand in its way
  • It simply builds up and rises over dams that try to contain it
  • It simply washes over or washes away all the little stuff


Water is equally powerful in any state

  • Fluid it can nurture life and growth and it can move and destroy mountains
  • Frozen it can bridge a gap or expand and break apart the strongest rock
  • Vaporized to steam it can drive enormous turbines, convert chemical and molecular structures, and cleanse

Water has one purpose: to keep moving

It is patient and uncompromising in its nature and purpose


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