Through the ages

Fitness of the mind and body is an ongoing process, like breathing.

The only finish line or day of arrival where you can stop making the effort is the day when life has left your body. Until then, it requires constant vigilance and care. There will be days and even years when things will look and feel better, when you are happy with where you are, and there will be days and years when you let go.

It’s OK to let go now and then. It is even necessary! Your body and your spirit need time to recover. If every day is wrought with disciplines of self-restriction there will be no more joy in your life, and that is far more damaging than anything else. We are not on this earth to suffer. We are here to learn to make the best of ourselves and the best of each day so there can be less suffering in this world.

When you see pictures of people who have succeeded to any degree in any realm, don’t be challenged but instead allow yourself to be inspired with possibility, for this is at the foundation of every heart and soul – to find love and hope again and again.

Our breath gives us life, but we must let go of our breath again and again and take in new breath again and again. When you accept this as the rhythm of life, your days and your years become timeless for it will allow you to live in the now – even as you dream of a better tomorrow.

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