60-Day Challenge Check-up


Have you set up a supportive environment with good snacks around and gotten rid of the tempting junk laying around?

Have you been hanging around with more supportive like-minded people and avoiding the negative ones as best as possible?

Did you do an assessment of your physical condition before starting your new workout routines? …either by yourself or through a trainer?

Have you been eating cleaner fresher food and avoiding sugar, sodas, yeast and deep-fried foods?

Have you been staying hydrated with water and tea and minimizing or eliminating things like coffee and alcohol to perk you up and slow you down?

Have you put on your awesome glasses and beginner’s mind and gotten better at managing your ANTS? (automatic negative thoughts)

Have you been going on walks or sitting quietly as forms of meditation to bring silence into your world so you can hear yourself (and your heart) think?

Have you been sleeping enough? Have you given yourself time to recover from workouts and from mental stress so you can approach your next day with strength and confidence?

Take time to write out your answers to these questions and put the sheet away somewhere until the end of the challenge when we will answer them again near the end of the challenge to show your improvement.

When you have done this, post in this group #Imcommitted

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