You don’t have to be Superman to be a super man.

You don’t need testosterone levels exploding off the charts and six pack abs to be a real man.

You don’t need to get up at 5:am and shred it at the gym and eat foods that you hate to take good care of yourself.

You don’t need to be married or even partnered to feel worthy, and you certainly don’t need the biggest house, the coolest job or the sexiest car to be or feel successful.

What you do need is a good perspective and genuine love of yourself in any position and any condition to live a life that you love.

When you learn to actually love yourself unconditionally the way a dog or a child loves, unconditionally, without judgement or blame, with fresh eyes daily, with curiosity and resilience and unquestioning persistence, the life and fulfillment you long for will come into place.

When you learn to recondition your beliefs, you can learn to recondition your life.

Anton Uhl

July 20, 2021, West Hollywood, CA

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