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To be a Vital Guy isn’t a question of vanity.

It is the commitment to increase your awareness so you can enjoy your best years as you age.

Good health and a sense of well-being are the foundation.

Awareness of some basic principles of the function and needs of your body and brain can help you make more supportive choices so they can serve you best, now and as you grow older. 

There is a clock built into all living things. If we there was a way to stop aging and never die, we would have found it by now. But modern society and even generations of well-meaning mothers, have trained us into habits and beliefs that age us prematurely. 

The food and fitness industries would have you believe that good food and plenty of exercise are all that is needed to be healthy, fit and beautiful. But that is not the answer. It is part of the picture, but if that’s all there is to it, fitness and diet plans would have been out of business long ago.

Some of the key components to living well as you age include your food choices and the amount of your physical and mental activity every day. Managing sleep and stress are also key components. A strong sense of who you are and why you do anything is another aspect that is as evasive as it is misunderstood. 

But why?

When you begin to understand what you are as a sapient human, what that body’s needs are and where they come from, how you got here and how, like leaves on a tree, right here right now it is your season, you begin to take on a new view of life that makes it easy to make the choices that best serve you and the people you love so you and they can make the most of this life and spread the contagion of well-being to your fellow humans.

So, you can see already, if you were waiting for me to just give you a few yummy healthy recipes and a couple of great exercise routines to turn your life around, you sorely underestimated the gold mine that you are standing in front of right now.

This will not be an avalanche of information and medical proofs and testimonial hype. I am simply going to share some of the things I have learned for myself in my 66 years on this planet. some of it will sound familiar. Some of it may be new. But it is all here for you to look at and to test for yourself.

I will not monitor or manage what you do with this information. Nor can I guarantee it will work for you as it did for me. You will have to have an open mind, a beginner’s mind, and make the effort to try for yourself. But I have a feeling a lot of it will help.

I started Vital Guys many years ago in response to people’s interest in why I was as fit as I was in my 60’s. I have held training programs and hosted paid and free membership challenges in the past, but my interest is in my livelihood as an 5-decades-long career as an artist and songwriter. 

But vitality is a conversation I have with other people daily. This is my way of paying it forward — and back — with gratitude to all those in my life who have helped guide me so I have been able to live the life of my dreams for many decades.

Almost daily, I post photos of the food I eat so you can get ideas for yourself and so you can see the simple principles and patterns of my daily intake, from salads to sweets. Restrictive diets can be as destructive morally as pure junk food. I will talk more specifically on what guides my choices in the coming days.

Sometimes I post pictures of my activities like swimming, doing many flights of stairs, working out, walking, running. There are days when I don’t feel like it and change my mind after I start. There are days when I don’t feel like it and don’t do anything. I won’t pretend. 

My overall habits are supportive of better health and well-being, but not always. There are indulgent days of drunkenness and neglect as necessary as the rest.

There is already a lot of information worth looking into on my website

For now, I will outline some of my key discoveries right here on the Vital Guys page. I’m sure the Facebook algorithm will notify you when I do.

Always remember: Be good to those you love, and be good to yourself!

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