Best Is Now




age 57

Whether you are now in your 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s, some of the best years of your life still lie ahead!

Even if you have gotten fat, have low energy, low libido and high anxiety, you can turn it all around.

Don’t believe me?
I know, because I was there!

At 48 I started falling apart and was pretty messed up by the time I turned 50.
My eyes got worse, my back went out, my hair got gray, my skin started to sag and my belly started to grow. I was exhausted all the time and eventually developed extreme anxiety disorder and depression. Slowly, day by day, I was falling apart and I was giving up!

All of that interfered with everything else in my life. I was unable to give my kids the kind of attention and energy a good father should. The worse it got, the worse it got. It was a downward spiral. When I ended up in the emergency room with all the symptoms of a heart attack, they told me it was, instead, a severe stress response!  I knew right then and there that something had to change!


Stress is a killer. It can cause every negative symptom associated with aging, up to and including death.

Through lots of research, suffering, reading, trial and error and the help of a few great friends I finally had a breakthrough. Now you can learn the shortcut that took me years to find. Right here. Right now!

My doctors were of no help. They only made things worse telling me this was normal for a guy my age and to expect no better from here on out! And they started writing out prescriptions for meds that only covered up the fundamental problem and actually made things worse.

I wasn’t really overweight, but my anxiety was so extreme that going up a flight of stairs was enough to end my day. I would feel like I was having another heart attack (which I wasn’t) and I would take some Valium and Xanax, have a few glasses of rum and call it a day!

Until I met The Magic Trio…

The Food Guy
Once day a good friend of mine told me about a holistic doctor she knew. At that point I was willing to try anything. I was so tired of this living hell. Morning, noon and night I lived in fear of dropping dead on the spot. I couldn’t even leave my ranch to go to the store!

The holistic doctor said I might find his testing my energy fields a little woo-woo but assured me he could find out what was wrong and help me. I didn’t care if he put on a mask and started to dance and chant at this point. I just needed relief!

Every organ in your body has an electromagnetic signature that reveals if it is in order or if something is interfering with its optimal performance. His tests revealed what my energetic imbalances were. He then left the room to expose me to an emission of remedial energy.

Stay with me! I promise you, this is not going to be some off-the-wall story!

He then prescribed a special diet for me for the next two months. No sugar, no yeast, nothing fermented. It was an extreme version of the candida diet. It was a way of clearing all the crap out of my body that was interfering with the effective absorption of critical nutrients – actually, of any nutrients at all. It’s horrifying how we have been trained to eat poorly so big business can profit in the modern world! It’s amazing how little food it takes to grow and be strong when you are getting good nutrition and when that nutrition can get through to your body when it is not all clogged up with garbage.

I couldn’t believe it! Within a few days I began to see and feel dramatic changes happening within me. After years of living hell, I felt relief for the first time! Not only relief, but I was able to go up stairs without it ruining my day. Within two weeks I began construction on a remodeling project I had had to put aside until then.

The Exercise Guy
I also started an exercise program I came up with with a man who coached world athletes like Lance Armstrong and Martina Navratilova. I would undergo strenuous cardio until I had reconditioned my body. This was also designed to mentally re-associated the fearful sensations of physical stress with the normal stress response of exercise. we were re-training my body and my mind. Within two months I had more strength and energy than I had had in years!

The Brain Lady
I also went to see a sports psychiatrist who also worked with world-class athletes to retrain their brains out of self-sabotage and fear into thriving high performers. Every time I felt like I wasn’t making the progress I should, she would re-frame my thinking until I saw the light – again and again until I could do it on my own.

My energy and my mood were up and I knew I had found some answers.


age 59

You may not be suffering as much as I was, or you may be suffering more, but after years of mystery and struggle, I found some secrets and have not looked back.I have made it my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as I can. There is no reason for you not to be in the best shape of your life right now, in body, mind and spirit! I will show you how in my easy-to-implement and follow Vitality for Men course.

At 62 I am in better shape than I have been in over 30 years!

I hated suffering and I hate to see others struggle with unnecessary suffering when the solution is so simple! I feel it is my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as I can, because when you suffer we all suffer. When you feel good, the world is a better place for everyone. We’re all in this together.

But first, here are some fundamental concepts that we all know but have forgotten:

Three Keys