The human brain is the most amazing thing in the universe.

Within the relatively small confines of our rigid skulls, is a soft, gelatinous mass of electro-chemical circuitry that ingeniously stores and processes every experience brought to us by our senses and by its own dreamy invention over the course of a lifetime.

The entire universe we perceive and consider started and is perpetuated in the brain.

antonbrainThe brain is control central for us, yet we take it for granted. As an amazingly complex, fine and competent instrument, it requires great care to operate and maintain.

The mind is a reference to the ideas and perceptions we formulate about ourselves and the world around us. The brain is the physical organ.

All the systems of your body are tied together and affect each other.

When disease or dis-function exists in any part of the body it affects all other parts of the body. The health of your body affects your brain just as the health of your brain affects your body. Like any other system in your body, if it is cared for it will operate more successfully and serve you better than if it is not.

Twenty-four hours a day this incredible computer is at work looking for and managing patterns.

The brain allows our self-conscious selves to see some of what it does. But most of what it does, it does behind the scenes running a program designed to do only one thing: observe and measure all input so that all subsequent behavior of the organism (us) is optimized for our survival and procreation.

img_1460The brain creates patterns to respond to repeated familiar input in an effort to streamline its efforts so it will have more energy to assess and manage the daily flood of new incoming information.

The more a program or pattern is used, the more readily it continues to get used in the future, like a well-worn trail. Good and bad, we call these paths of least resistance habits. The paths of least resistance become the superhighways that define our behavior. Sometimes they get us to the places of our dreams and sometimes they lead to devastating train wrecks!

The good new is that we have control over where we are headed by how well we manage and maintain the health and functionality of our thoughts and our brains.

The good health of your mind as well as your brain comes down to three key factors  that are easy to manage and easy to maintain, especially once you discover what it is like to truly feel good and think clearly.
1.    Put good things in and keep bad things out.
2.    Stay active and keep well hydrated so the good can get where it needs to go and the bad can be flushed out.
3.    Rest so your body and brain can take care of maintenance and grow.

In my book, “Feeding Body, Mind and Soul – How What Goes In Changes Everything” (Amazon, 2012) I interviewed some of the world’s great thought leaders and teachers who all maintained the importance of putting good things not only into your body, but also into your brain.

In the same way that you can manage your intake of food and substances, you are encouraged to manage your intake of images and sounds and the people and ideas you choose to have around you.  They directly influence how your brain perceives and responds to the safety and dangers of your inner and outer environments. This affects the very chemistry of your body and brain, making them stronger or more vulnerable. It also affects how you age.

Unlike a man-made computer, the brain does not have a finite amount of storage space. When we get older and memory fails, it’s not due to limited capacity and our brain being full, it’s due to parts of the system no longer functioning optimally as the chemistry in the rest of our body changes. Either it no longer adequately supplies the brain with what it needs or it fails to flush out toxins that interfere with the regular cellular renewal mechanisms that go on in our bodies and brains our entire lives.

The following bears repeating: The tragedy of not taking care of your brain is that your own consciousness of you as you is at risk. Have you ever seen someone suffering Alzheimer’s Disease or some form of dementia? Perhaps you have seen how an entire person can disappear when their brain function fails. The memory of who they were persists in the minds of others, but their consciousness of themselves as themselves has been altered or destroyed.

Use it or lose it.

IMG_1901If you subject your body and brain to reasonable amounts of stress, they will grow stronger and more resilient. If they are perpetually bombarded by physical and mental stresses, they will enter a chronic state of negative chemistry that will lead to untimely aging and worse.

Fortunately, all this is manageable when we are armed with knowledge and certain tools.

The knowledge and tools are simple, though not always easy to implement and sustain. The challenge arises in ingrained habits, the enduring patterns of our thoughts and behavior. The good thing about habits is they are habits. They are not inherently you. You weren’t born with them. They were learned and developed through time and repetition.

It is not your job to erase them. It’s your job to replace them with stronger, more compelling and rewarding habits that make your brain take the new scenic route and abandon the old superhighways until they become overgrown from neglect. They are still there. They just aren’t automatically your brain’s easiest first choice anymore.

Ancient wisdom and modern science have come together to remind us and teach us of a few simple techniques to help retrain our perception and approach to meeting the modern world in a way that will help us rediscover our vitality and youthful energy in body, mind and spirit.


We share that knowledge here and in our programs so that you, too, will share our conviction that the BEST IS NOW!


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