“Let food be thy medicine!”

rainbowsalad-5002400 years ago Hippocrates told us that good food is the best medicine. Doctors symbolically take the Hippocratic oath before officially beginning their practice. In essence it states that they will do their best to practice ethically and do no harm. Hippocrates would be spinning in his grave if he could see how many doctors today take this oath in his name and then proceed to systematically poison and damage us with medications all too often designed to make us more sick and require even more medication in response in a never-ending downward spiral supported by the greed of the pharmaceutical giants!

Add to this the damage done to the quality of food created by a giant food  industry whose methods of altering production are aimed at speed and growth to support a human population that is growing exponentially and out of control and you have a formula for disaster. Poisons to manage pests and optimize production ratios poison the humans at the end of the line as well.

Toxic additives like high fructose corn syrup invade all but the foods we tear out of the ground ourselves and render a society of obese sugar-craving addicts slaves to physical and mental demise – with the pharmaceutical companies waiting for us with open arms at the other end!

Sugar and alcohol are two of the worst culprits in creating premature aging.

You are probably tired of hearing about how bad sugar is for you, but the addiction that has been cultivated in you since your childhood as a reward with the blessings of your most loving parents and care-givers can wreak havoc in your aging body and brain. The next time you freak out because your memory is failing, think twice before you take your next spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down!

img_4703Because of modern mass-food-production practices, a lot of the food that looks the same today is not the same as the nurturing food that our grandparents ate that made them healthy and strong. It can be difficult to find, but it is available thanks to our growing health conscious culture that demands it.

The availability of clean fresh food is one way for you to put in the good and leave out the bad in our 3-part formula to thrive.

  1. Put good things into your body and keep bad things out.
  2. Keep your system well hydrated and move things around so the good can get where it needs to go and the bad can be flushed out.
  3. Rest so your body and brain can take care of maintenance and grow.

Clean, pure water is another challenging commodity for our modern urban lifestyle, but reasonable filtration systems exist and, as David Wolfe points out in my book, “Feeding Body mind and Soul,” there are resources, even near urban centers like New York and Los Angeles, where fresh spring water from the earth is available directly from the spring to you.

Your food and beverage choices are one of the single most powerful ways to affect not only the way you feel but the way your body ages. Certain foods create inflammation which is responsible for countless poor health conditions since inflammation inhibits the free-flowing systems that carry the good things in and the bad things out of your body.

Eating well is not as difficult or even restrictive as you may imagine. You don’t need to go on some limiting diet. Food, like sex, is one of the great pleasures of life! There are ways to enjoy both of them to bring out the best in you and the life you are living.

You don’t know what it is like to feel good until you have felt so really good that your body and brain won’t even let you go back to your old ways!

With a few minor adjustments to your habits and mindset, you can discover a richness in the world of food you may never have been aware of before! Nothing unusual. Just fresher and better as you become fresher and better discovering the truth that the BEST IS NOW!




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