Sex energy is the primary vital life force.

img_1256Without sex, we wouldn’t be here and yet we tend to confuse and disrespect and mis-use and misdirect the vital life force that lies at the foundation of everything we do.

This is not to say we must be constantly engaged in the act of sex, but its underlying energy is the very source of not just procreation but life itself!

You are either growing or you are dying. You are always headed in one of those two general directions. There is no in-between. When sex energy is respectfully nurtured and guided we feel full of life. Our very chemistry responds by saying that we are still necessary. As with plants that have cast their seeds, when sex energy is allowed to wither or die, our evolutionary programming thinks we have done our job and it is time to die.

When you take your partner for granted, when you allow curiosity and interest to diminish, you are paving the way for your own demise. Healthy relationships with other humans, whether they involve sexual interaction or not, require vitality to support interest and appreciation and value. Even your relationship with yourself, the joy of feeling full of life and energy affects your image of yourself and your self esteem.

Humans have known for thousands of years the importance of supporting sex energy to nurture and maintain vitality.

Even modern science agrees that a sense of vitality is not just the result of our chemistry, but one of the driving forces in maintaining a healthy and life-supportive chemistry. Your body responds to your thoughts and they are just as important as your diet and the amount of exercise you get in managing your body and brain chemistry, including hormonal production and balance.

The ancient Tao and Tantra teach how to nurture and manage sexual and spiritual energy to generate and sustain good health and vitality.

1377600_10202420085608298_1062621305_nThe word vital itself means to be alive! Unfortunately, western culture has done its best to suppress and vilify sex energy leading to a toxic mindset creating a culture of innumerable psychological and social disasters. The mental as well as physical health of our civilization has been compromised by misguided puritanical tyranny.

Different stages of development are programmed into our biological clocks, but modern medicine has muddied the waters about what is age-appropriate deterioration.

As children there is a focus on physical growth. When our bodies are large and strong enough to protect our young, we go through puberty and become able to procreate. As young men, the parts of the brain that understand the potential of danger have not fully developed creating blind courage to fight wild beasts and enemies while our bodies are their strongest. When women and children are nearby, men’s testosterone levels temporarily decrease so they will not harm their young. In the absence of these gentler creatures, testosterone levels rise again. Perhaps this is part of the re-awakening we so often call mid-life crisis.

Life supports life. Life chooses the fittest to procreate and sustain and advance the best life form of itself possible. This is simple evolution. The timing of these systems is the result of whose behavior supported survival. The others simply didn’t survive in the long run. When we are young and invincible our chemistry is different than when we are older and disappointed and weary. But as mentioned before, these traits of aging are not biological imperatives, but the results of poor programming and shitty habits. And habits can be changed.

Mid life crisis is really a mid-life awakening when we realize we still have vitality and there are decades of life still left to live.

A man who is strong and centered will know how to love and support himself and the people in his life. A man who has lost his way will experience all the tragedies of aging prematurely. Vitality is a natural by-product of a man who is centered and knows how to take care of himself, his body and brain, his mind and his spirit. Only the kind of man who can take care of himself can take care of others. Caring for others is one of the most powerful ways humans connect. And connection is one of the most powerful ways for us to optimize our chemistry and health on all levels.

The good news is, if you are not dead yet, there is still time to learn and grow!

It doesn’t matter if it is twenty years or only one more day. Until the lights are out, the show ain’t over! I know this for a fact as I have sat at the side of friends and family as they took their last breath of life. Don’t let laziness or cynicism get in your way.

All of these systems, body, brain, mind, spirit and sex energy are intertwined. All are necessary to make up the complete organism, the creature housed in this body-on-loan you call you. Each is an essential part of the picture, and each plays a part in supporting the other parts.

Sex energy is not fucking. Sex energy is the sacred life force that keeps us young and vital. Respect it and learn to cultivate and nurture it and it will change your life in a way that makes you realize in fact that the BEST IS NOW.


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