Vital Guys

Vital Guys is a group of men dedicated to helping each other rediscover and rebuild their vitality as they age. 

Join the private Facebook Group, Vital Guys, and share your questions, knowledge and experience with joyful, like-minded, kind and generous men through daily posts and bi-monthly FREE mastermind calls on ZOOM with the group.

What is your deepest reason for wanting to feel great, have high energy and renewed invigorating vitality so your life can take on the joy of your younger years?

What happens when you feel great?

You probably want to celebrate! Shout about it! Go dancing or traveling or skiing or play with your kids and grandkids and have fun with your friends and lovers. You want to share this gift of new life that fills your body, mind and spirit with others!

When we were tired and worn down, depressed with low energy, didn’t want to go out and do things any more because it was just too exhausting, we weren’t just denying ourselves the joy of life, but we were holding back from others, even interfering with other’s ability to live their lives fully and with joy.

No matter what we accomplish or gain in riches in this life, it all feels meaningless unless we somehow can share this with others. It is the people we love that give our lives meaning – people we know as well as strangers that make up the world around us.

As Vital Guys, we begin by making ourselves stronger, centered men. We adapt our lifestyle and habits to support the amazing power that is still within us, even as we age! And then as Vital Guys, we vitalize those around us so the world at large can be a better place full of strength, joy and vitality!

Your vitality is a resource, not just a reward.
Now that we have vitality, we have the strength to go out in the world and help others.

Vital Guys vitalize
Vital Guys is a membership group that takes you beyond the foundation we built for ourselves in the Best Is Now community. It is our purpose to take what we have learned firsthand as revitalized men and use that newfound strength to help those in need – in our homes, in our communities and around the world…

Your Vital Guys membership puts you in an elite group of men who are dedicated to being their best and doing their best. Within the group you will have access to some of the most powerful groups and individuals in the world whose proximity and influence will multiply the potential of anything you are already doing, in health, in business and in your relationships.

Begin by joining the private Facebook Group, Vital Guys

Vital Guys is a subsidiary of Best Is Now, LLC

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