Book: The Best Is Now – Rediscover Your Vitality

Age 63



Exerpted from the book:

“Everything you need to know to make your life better is on the next few pages.
The fundamental principles are outlined in this chapter. Everything else in this book is just an extended explanation. This includes simple step-by-step guides to get you going in the right direction. If you understand and act on what you read in the next few pages alone, you, your body, your brain and your life will change for the better.

Do you want to look and feel your best? Do you want more energy? A more beautiful, fit body? Clearer mind? Vitality and a healthy libido? A greater sense of well-being and satisfaction? It is easier than you think.

In this book I want to show you how to enjoy the process of your transformation, not weigh you down with more restrictions and demands in your already busy lifestyle. I am not talking about a quick fix, but a small shift in your lifestyle that will be easy to maintain for the rest of your life!


The most basic purpose of life lies at the root of everything we do: To support and sustain the chain of life from generation to generation – whether you intend to procreate or not. It is the basic program written into all life.

To do this, the organism that is your body is designed to sustain an optimal condition, to build and repair itself. When you cut your finger, your body begins to repair itself immediately, regardless of your awareness or input. Even if you interfere, your body will do its best to be its best at all times, whether it succeeds or not! It’s up to you to become aware of how to best align your body and mind and your actions to align with this process.
That’s all that this book, or any other transformational book or program is intended to do.

There is nothing new to humanity in this book. You may have heard a lot of this many times before. If you understood and acted upon this knowledge, you have no need to be here. If you are here, it is probably because you haven’t made it over the hump to where the knowledge and actions outlined in this book are second nature to you, where they have become automatic in your approach to managing your body and your life.

The fact that you are reading this suggests that you are still searching for something to make your life better, even if it’s great already. Improvement is relative. There is no top or final landing. No matter where you are, there is always another step up you can take. This should not exhaust you. It is the nature of life. Just like breathing. Take a breath and it fills you with life – for a moment. But you must let the air out and take another breath, again and again. If you see and understand this principle, it will take the stress out of anything you do to improve and sustain your best life.”



I don’t have a degree in nutrition and I don’t have a degree in fitness or psychology. What I do have is a body that has been aging for the past 64 years, sometimes better and sometimes worse, and I have a record of what I have been doing that has given me back the vitality I had in my thirties!

People most commonly mis-guess my age as 46. I am 64. One of the most frequent comments people make is that it must be my genes. I could write a whole chapter on that topic, but it has more to do with one’s habits of thought and activity. A pony will never be a draught horse, but within the fundamental expression of that genetic heritage is where there is a little wiggle room.

If we were truly masters of our biological clocks, mankind would have already figured out how to never die. However, we have been mislead in what we believe is age-appropriate deterioration.

The sixty and seventy year olds today don’t look like the sixty and seventy year olds that I remember when I was younger. There is probably some degree of bias from me being older now, but there does seem to be a consensus that there are more active and well-preserved seniors running around today than ever before.

Perhaps we should call ourselves Well-Tempered, like the steel of a magnificent sword that has endured and continues to serve in strength and beauty! There are many well-tempered men and women in the world today.

We live in a culture with attributes and potential that have never existed before in the history of our species. Words are power. Words create the world we live in, inside and out. Our lives are centered on media and technology because, for better and for worse, they have become the magic that lets us share our words with speed and ease.

This power of communication has enabled us to see people with ideas and abilities beyond anything most humans were exposed to in the past. All these super-humans have raised the bar and challenged us to be more competitive in all regards. Sometimes this can be inspiring and sometimes it can simply be downright exhausting!

It is my intention not to exhaust you but to share with you some of the ideas and principles that have helped me and countless other men and women discover our potential and experience more vitality, to feel and look younger than is generally accepted as normal for people in their sixties and beyond. And this is possible without obsessing, without torture and without breaking the bank!


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